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Increasing Deferrals

Defined contribution plans are only effective when participants contribute enough to adequately fund their own retirement. When you encourage your plan participants to increase their contributions you, your plan, and your participants may all benefit.

Use the tools below to promote increasing deferrals:

Risk Quiz - Mobile Friendly Microsite
URL or Website

The site allows employees to quickly and easily determine their personal risk tolerance by answering a few simple questions in the John Hancock Risk Quiz at jhriskquiz.com.  This tools can be helpful in meeting or self learning situations where personal risk tolerance is discussed.

Meeting Sign in Template
Word Document

This "Sign in" sheet can be used at meetings to record meeting details and attendees. It can be customized to include your company's logo.

Catch-up Contribution Video
Video URL

A video created to show those over the age of 50 the benefits of making catch-up contributions. Uses the theme/imagery of filling up your retirement vehicle’s gas tank to the max.

Compounding Growth Calculator
URL or Website

An interactive calculator to help determine potential compound earnings growth over time.

Contribution Calculator - Mobile Friendly Microsite
URL or Website

This site provides access to a quick and easy calculator to help employees calculate their retirement contributions at jhcalculator.com.  This tool can be helpful in meeting or self learning situations where contributions are discussed.

Saver's Credit Flyer

A participant flyer that provides introductory information regarding taking advantage of the Saver's Credit, an income tax credit. Includes qualification requirements and a link to the IRS website for more information.

Take the 2% Challenge stuffer

This stuffer promotes the benefits of increasing contributions by 2 percent.

Employer Match Calculator
URL or Website

Encourage participants to take advantage of their Employer Match program with this interactive calculator.

Employer Match Flyer

Did you know there is a program in place whereby your employer can also contribute to your qualified retirement plan?

It's a benefit called the EMPLOYER MATCH and if you're not currently taking advantage of it, you're leaving money on the table.

This is an 8.5x11 double sided flyer

Employer Match Stuffer/Postcard

Contribute to your qualified retirment account and your employer will as well.

Taking advantage of the employer match is quick and easy. Plus you get the benefits of:

  • More money contributed to your retirement
  • Potential tax savings
  • The potential power of compound savings

Even modest employer contributions can have an impact on your retirement savings over time.

Benefits of Participating email
Word Document

Gives your employees an overview of the benefits of participating in a retirement plan and encourages them to enroll.

Employer Match email
Word Document

Provides employees with an overview of the Employer Matching Contribution benefit and how it can help them save for retirement.

Quick Guide: Contribution amounts and potential tax savings

This table can be used as a planning tool to help determine your contribution amounts, and shows the level of federal tax savings you might be able to benefit from.