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By diversifying across investment styles, your participants may achieve a top performing asset class in their portfolio at any given time, regardless of market conditions. John Hancock provides quality diversified portfolios that help American workers save effectively for retirement.

Use the tools below to educate on investments:

Risk Quiz - Mobile Friendly Microsite
URL or Website

The site allows employees to quickly and easily determine their personal risk tolerance by answering a few simple questions in the John Hancock Risk Quiz at jhriskquiz.com.  This tools can be helpful in meeting or self learning situations where personal risk tolerance is discussed.

Market Dynamics - Making contributing through market ups and downs

This flyer demonstrates the benefits of continuing to make regular contributions - even when markets are down - through an example of dollar cost averaging.

Market Dynamics - Taking emotion out of investing

Explains the cycle of emotions investors typically go through during market ups and downs. Helps to explain that not acting on these emotions is key to successful investing.

Market Dynamics - When markets are down, stay the course

Using the 2002 dot-com bubble bear market as example, this flyer illustrates how remaining invested, compared to switching to a fixed income investment, can potentially provide higher returns in the long run.

Market Dynamics - Bear markets shouldn't scare you
This flyer demonstrates that markets have rebounded - sometimes quickly - during recent bear markets. Staying invested and being patient is key during market downturns.

Market Dynamics - Power of long-term investing

This flyer can help illustrate that while short-term volatility is part of a normal investing cycle, over the long-term, volatilty is minimized and markets grow.

Market Dynamics - Diversify your portfolio to capture steadier returns

Using a Callan Chart, this flyer shows that no single asset class has been a top performer consistently, but a diversified portfolio can balance out strong and weak performing sectors.

Market Dynamics - Long-term Investing: Marathon not a sprint

This flyer demonstrates that the longer a participant holds an investment, the more an investment will grow and the more stable their potential returns generally become.

Market Dynamics - Time in the market, not timing the market

This flyer illustrates that most of the long-term gain of the market is a result of a handful of single days of strong growth. Therefore, trying to time the markets may mean missing these key days of growth.

Meeting Sign in Template
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This "Sign in" sheet can be used at meetings to record meeting details and attendees. It can be customized to include your company's logo.